If you’ve been yearning for copper gutters but think the expense isn’t worth it, you may want to think again. It’s true, the upfront cost is high – copper gutters can cost up to five times as much as a vinyl or aluminum gutter system. Is it extravagant to spend that kind of money to protect your home from water damage?

Reasons Copper Gutters are Worth It

No doubt, copper rain gutters are beautiful and add distinction to your home. But you also need a gutter system that’s durable enough to stand up to your climate, won’t need continual repairs, and isn’t a nightmare to maintain. Copper gutters come with those benefits and more! Let’s delve into the details so you can decide if copper gutters are worth the investment:

1. Long Lasting

Copper gutters can last up to 60 years or more. Some copper gutter systems are known to last over 100 years! With that kind of lifespan, it’s likely that once you install copper gutters, you won’t have to replace them. When you consider that the cost of any type of gutter will go up over time, when properly installed and maintained, copper gutters will likely pay for themselves over time. 

2. Durable

Because of its durability and beauty, copper has been a decorative feature on the domes of temples, the spires of churches, and the rooflines of prestigious buildings throughout history. As early as 7250 BC, copper was processed into metal coins and as early as 5000 BC, there is evidence of copper smelting to fashion tools and decorations. In Rome, copper was used to clad the Pantheon roof in 27 BC. Architects and builders use copper for its famed durability, beauty, and longevity. When you choose copper rain gutters for your home – yes, you’ll be paying a good sum for the material and the installation – but the benefits will be that you probably will never need to replace it. If properly maintained, durable copper gutters will last for the life of your home.

3. Rust-Proof

If you want gutters that will be forever free of rust, copper is one of the best choices. Even when water or moist debris pools in the gutter (preventable with expert installation) you won’t have to worry that the moisture will cause rust. Rust-free gutters mean that the gutter system will have a long life. So if you’re looking for a rain gutter that will be long lasting – so long that they will possibly never need replacing – the rust-proof qualities of copper gutters make them worth the investment. Just be aware that you’ll be paying for an all-copper system – all the fasteners, nails, hangers, and fittings must also be made of copper to prevent corrosion.

4. Flexible

Copper is a flexible metal that won’t crack or buckle. Many other types of gutters eventually develop cracks as temperatures fluctuate. Once cracks develop, leaks become a serious problem, and eventually, your home is no longer protected from water damage. Because copper is flexible, it resists temperature fluctuations and is, therefore, a great choice for homes in four-season climates. The natural flexibility of copper prevents seam separations which lead to leaking, thus increasing the gutter’s lifespan.

5. Suitable for All Climates

Copper rain gutters are an ideal choice for any climate and all types of weather conditions. Regardless of the elements, copper gutters are reliable. They function well in heat, snow, sleet, hail, heavy rain, and wind. In the salt-infused air of coastal areas, most metals rust or corrode and have a short life span. But not copper – it can stand up to salt air without problems.

6. Low Maintenance

One of the most trouble-free gutter materials, copper is a natural fungicide and algaecide. When copper gutters are installed on a home, there will be a natural prevention of moss and algae that can lead to clogs and blockages that plague other types of gutters. If the gutter system is allowed to develop a patina, the natural patina acts as a protective coating. This built-in protection system is inherent to the properties of copper and adds to its low-maintenance qualities. Also, because the joints are soldered, they don’t leak like caulked or riveted joints but low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. The gutters still need to be cleaned regularly. One way to add to the low maintenance and premier functioning of copper gutters is by adding copper leaf guards.

7. Eco-Friendly

Today, many people are aware of the importance of using environmentally friendly and sustainable products in and around their homes. If you relate, then copper is a great choice. It’s thought that only about 12% of the world’s copper reserves have been mined and about 95% of all mined and smelted copper has been extracted from the ground since 1900, however much of the copper that’s produced into various products comes from recycled copper. Copper doesn’t break down and weaken over time like many other rain gutter materials, allowing it to be recycled over and over without losing performance. Therefore, copper is a 100% sustainable material. 

8. Beautiful

Copper rain gutters are one of the most distinctive and beautiful choices of any gutter material available. When copper gutters line your roof, the curb appeal is undeniably eye-catching, reflecting taste and value. For a true custom fit that aligns with the design of your home and your weather conditions, copper gutters are available in several profiles and sizes such as half round and K-styles in 5- to 8-inch dimensions. Some homeowners prefer the subtle but elegant green patina that develops over time, while others love the golden sheen that can be maintained by applying a sealant that prevents oxidation.

If you’re trying to decide if copper gutters are worth the investment, you now know that there are far more benefits than the mere aesthetic appeal. You’ll not only get the beauty, but you’ll also get low maintenance, longevity, and durability – qualities that will add to your property value. Over the long life of copper gutters, you’ll save on repairs and worry. Whether you’re considering copper to replace your old gutters or you’re debating which is the best gutter system for the new home that you’re building, copper is definitely a worthwhile long-term investment. 

If you’re convinced that the benefits of copper gutters outweigh the expense, you’ll want an experienced professional to install them. Be prepared for the cost of the gutter material itself, plus the anchors, hangers, downspouts, and the labor cost. 

Because an expert installer is required, this is not a DIY installation project. But how do you find a professional contractor who’s a copper gutter expert? Searching the internet will take a lot of your valuable time, and still, you may have some reservations. That’s where Spout Gutter Pros can help. We only work with the most reputable licensed and insured copper gutter contractors near you. We’ve already vetted them so you can be assured you’ll be working with a trustworthy and experienced installer.


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