If you’ve been reading up on the benefits of gutter guards or someone you know has been singing the praises of their gutter guards (you never know what floats someone’s boat!), you probably want to know which brands are best. 

Gutter guards come in a variety of types for a variety of conditions. It’s important to know which type of gutter guard is best for the gutter system that’s installed on your home (do you have extra-large profile seamless gutters or a traditional 5″ seamed gutter system?). You’ll also want to know which type best suits the location and conditions around your home (do you want leaf protection because your home is surrounded by trees or do you need guards that prevent mold build-up in your humid climate?). Knowing what your needs are will help you decide which of our top picks is best for your home.

A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard

A-M Gutter Guards come in four-foot strips made from perforated heavy-gauge aluminum. The high-tempered aluminum prevents rust, rot, and distortions. Because the gutter guards fit closely inside five- to six-inch gutters, they’re invisible from the ground. With 384 holes per linear foot, the patented design allows for more airflow top to bottom, allowing for leaves and debris to dry and blow away. Each guard is fastened by screws to the gutter’s outer edge. These gutter guards are designed to work with all types of hangers and all types of roofs and roof pitches. A-M offers a 25-year warranty and you can purchase the gutter guards directly from the company, a dealer, and online sellers.

Photo credit A-M Gutter Guards.

Amerimax Gutter Guards

Amerimax “Lock-In” Gutter Guards are known for their easy installation. Compatible with four-, five-, and six-inch gutters, the guards slip under the front row of shingles and snap into place on the outer edge of the rain gutter. The three-foot Amerimax guard strips are made from powder-coated, rust-resistant steel and no tools are required for installation. Amerimax is a leading rain solution manufacturer, proud of their American-made products that are distributed throughout the United States.

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EasyOn Gutter Guard

Since 2000, EasyOn has been manufacturing steel gutter screens that are available in a five-inch wide micro-mesh that fits two- to five-inch gutters and a six-inch-wide micro-mesh that fits five- to seven-inch gutters. They need to be installed with the front of the gutter guard laying flat at the front edge of the rain gutter with the remainder at a five- to 25-degree forward slant. These gutters are easy for DIY installation or you can choose to have a roofing or gutter contractor install them for you.

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Englert Gutter Guard

Englert has been in the rain gutter manufacturing business for over 50 years. Their MicroGuard gutter guard screen is made with angled micro-perforations, allowing water to enter the gutter while preventing leaves, needles, seeds, and debris from sticking to the screen. The design includes a raised, stepped groove that keeps water from splashing back onto the fascia. Englert also sells SureGuard – a leaf protection screen made from rust-proof aluminum. SureGuard fits both five- and six-inch gutters and is popular because it doesn’t need to be screwed or nailed into the roof and is fairly inexpensive.

Photo credit from Englert.

FlexxPoint Gutter Guards

Made in four-foot sections of lightweight aluminum, FlexxPoint gutter guards snap into place on the inside edge of the gutter then are attached to the outside edge with screws. The guards don’t need to be slipped under the shingles, making them easy to install. The mesh guards are available in white, brown, black, or a matte finish. The three-point design allows for water to flow over the guard surface so that it has time to enter the rain gutter and the mesh allows for airflow under and around all types of debris. The airflow system allows the debris to dry and then blow away.

Photo credit from FlexxPoint.

GutterBrush Gutter Guard

Quick to install without any tools, GutterBrush guards simply slip into your existing rain gutter. The three-foot cylindrical brush guard is made of a galvanized steel wire core with UV-protected polypropylene bristles. The brush design prevents snow and ice build-up, collects debris, and also is a detractor for animals that typically nest in rain gutters. GutterBrush, a family-owned business, started manufacturing its guards in 2004 and sells to customers directly from its website.

Photo credit from GutterBrush.

LeafGuard Gutters

Also manufactured by Englert, the patented LeafGuard is designed to draw rainwater into the underside of the hooded design. Englert bases this design on the scientific principle called “liquid adhesion”. While gravity forces the rainwater into the gutter, leaves and debris slide off the curved hood. Working with all types of roofs and roof pitches, LeafGuard rain gutters and gutter guards are custom-made at your property. Englert guarantees that LeafGuard gutters and gutter guards will never clog. 

Photo credit from Englert Leaf Guard.

RainDrop Gutter Guards

Manufactured from polypropylene with UV stabilizers, RainDrop gutter guards can hold up to a range of climate extremes including hot and sunny or frigid weather. The black color is designed to absorb heat from the sun during cold months. The absorbed heat helps melt ice and snow so that water continues to flow. Because of their unique “Flex-Flange” design, they’re almost invisible from the ground. The black guard is set directly inside the rain gutter and fits every type of roof style and rain gutters ranging from five to six inches.

Photo credit from Gutter Gurus.

Raptor Gutter Guard

Gutterglove manufactures Raptor Gutter Guards to work with all types of gutters and roof styles. They’re made from four-foot strips of rust-proof stainless steel micro-mesh that fits five-inch gutters. The guards have 900 holes per square inch – preventing the smallest seeds and roof grime from entering the rain gutter. The V-Bend shape slips under the front row of shingles while the outer edge is fastened to the gutter with screws that are included. Raptor Gutter Guards are some of the most popular guards available.

Photo credit from Raptor Gutter Guard.

Valor Gutter Guard

Valor Gutter Guards are solidly-built steel screens that come in a variety of types for various climates. The Bent-wing or Flat-wing designs fit every type of roof and gutter style. The S-curve design allows for substantial rainfall to enter the screen while leaves and debris remain sitting on the surface; a great choice for customers who live in high rainfall areas. A Melt-Away option melts ice and snow so water can continue to flow; a great option for customers who live in four-season climates. The Moss-Away option helps prevent moss and fungi build-up; a great choice for those who live in damp, humid locations. The steel screens are available in three color options, plus copper or aluminum frames are available if you want to match existing gutter systems.

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Some of the top-pick gutter guards are a good choice for DIY installation, but if you’re not up to the risks of climbing a ladder or simply want a pro to take care of the job for you, Spout Gutter Pros can connect you with licensed and insured contractors near you. Having a trustworthy expert install gutter guards can save you time and make your life so much easier.


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