Galvanized Gutters

When it comes to gutters, there are several options. These include vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and copper. A galvanized gutter system offers a fantastic blend of durability and affordability. Today, we’re going to look at everything you need to know about galvanized gutters (and how you can either have them installed or replaced).

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Everything to Know About Galvanized Gutters

Whether you’re looking to install or replace your gutter system, it pays to know what to expect. Below, you’ll find all the info you need when considering galvanized gutters.

What are Galvanized Gutters?

You’ve heard of galvanized gutters, but what are they exactly? Simply put, this type of gutter is made of steel that is covered in a zinc coating. This coating safeguards the steel against rust, the elements, and overall damage.

Especially popular in areas with extreme weather – from smoldering heat to frigid, icy cold – these gutters can withstand a lot. With proper installation and inspection, a galvanized system can typically last for 20 years.

Pros and Cons of Galvanized Gutters

When it comes to benefits, galvanized steel is highly resistant to rust. It also beats aluminum when it comes to thermal warpage and dent resistance (and shows less damage compared to other materials). Another advantage? Galvanized gutters can be mounted in sectional or seamless runs, which provides a smoother look and more durable functionality.

Of course, as with any material, galvanized gutters do have their downsides. The protective zinc coating, for instance, doesn’t last forever. As it wears off, the metal underneath is susceptible to rust. It can be difficult to catch this deterioration, so periodic inspections are required. And since steel is a heavier material, it does make installation a bit trickier.

Overall, a galvanized system provides a great balance of everything you need – cost-effectiveness, strength, and a good aesthetic look.

Benefits of Replacing or Installing Gutters

As we mentioned before, installing or replacing your gutters helps to protect your home and property. A galvanized option provides the sweet spot – outstanding performance without a huge price tag. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages:

  • Safeguard foundation: Without gutters, that water has to go somewhere. And that typically means your home’s foundation. Water can pool without proper drainage. This can cause seepage, bacteria growth, and damage to your entire home.
  • Safeguard home’s exterior: Without proper drainage (or blocked gutters), a house’s exterior is susceptible to damage, too. From shingles to wooden fascia boards, a galvanized system can provide the protection you need for your investment.
  • Limit erosion: If gutters aren’t functioning correctly, this can lead to property erosion. Splash guards, for example, are a great addition to any gutter system to ensure better direction and flow of water to eliminate any major erosion issues.
  • Safeguard landscaping: You probably know how much time and money can go into nice landscaping. Ensuring that you have properly working gutters can keep all of your beautiful plants, flowers, and other landscaping elements from washing away.
  • Prevent mildew and mold: Where there’s water damage, there’s the potential for black mold. Even if it doesn’t get that serious, you’ll most likely contend with mildew and unsavory mold. A good galvanized system can keep you and your home healthy.
  • Prevent driveway, sideway, and patio damage: Along with your foundation, water can find its way into poured concrete. This can weaken driveways and sideways. To avoid cracking, buckling, and breakage, a properly working drainage system is key.
  • Stay dry coming and going from the house: Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but gutters also keep you and your guests dry when going to or coming from a home. No one wants to get soaked during a rainstorm. That’s where good gutters come in handy.
  • Limit bugs and insect presence: If you have standing pools of water, they are the perfect breeding ground for bugs and other pests. Infestation can be stopped in its tracks with proper installation, maintenance, and repair.  
  • Improve home’s look: Last but not least, there’s your home’s aesthetics. It’s simply not a great look when dealing with sagging or broken gutters. To quickly boost your home’s curb appeal, repair or replace your system with the assistance of SPOUT!

What to Know Before Installation

So, at this point, galvanized steel looks like a great option! Before you make your final decision, however, you’ll want to consider a few more things.

DIY vs. Professional Install or Repair

Can you install or replace our own gutters? Simply answer: yes. But you need to consider several things. A system requires precision. If you’re not experienced or handy with tools, it can result in disaster.

If you’ve installed a gutter system before, you might be just fine. But it’s safe to assume that you might not have any experience. In that case, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The amount of money you save doing it yourself might not be worth it when a severe storm comes through and your gutter system is really put to the test.

Cost Factors

Along with material choice, several other factors contribute to the overall cost of gutter repair or installation. Let’s take a look at a few factors:

  • Installation vs. Repair: Replacing old gutters? You’ll need to account for the additional cost of removal. In some cases, you can repair sections of your system. If the damage is considerable, you might have to replace all of your gutters.
  • Home height and roof characteristics: Got a house with a steep pitch and/or high roof? This can increase the complexity of the job, which translates to higher costs. This is due to higher safety measures, insurance coverage, and labor expenses.
  •  Amount of gutters: This one is pretty intuitive – the more gutters you need, the more expensive it will be. Larger homes require more runs, while smaller homes require less. Keep in mind that cost is calculated by linear feet.
  • Additional components: Along with the main system, there can be extra components. This can include splash blocks, downspout extensions, gutter hangers, and drains. Keep this in mind when considering your needs and budget.

And there you have it! With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision on galvanized gutters. This will greatly help while you compare and talk to potential installers. Be sure to consult several companies. Let them know exactly what you have in mind, as well as any concerns or questions. A reputable outfit will always be happy to assist.


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